About US

Red Sea General trading Company PV CO is a private company which was founded in 1973 and then was re-structured in 1993  under the Office of the board of Red Sea based in Dubai and the managing director leads the activities of the company, reports directly to the Chairman of the board. The company undertake two major operations: Sales and Marketing Operations, and commodity Store Operations; as well as offer three Services: Admin and Human Resource Service, Finance and Operation management Services, Engineering and Technical Support Services. The company runs 23 Operational Units which are based in the following cities Dubai, Boosaaso, Gaalkacyo, Laascaano, Buu.hoodle and Baled Wayne; all of which are managed by qualified managers endowed with rich experience, and geared up for company future growth.

In order to facilitate an effective management of the company, the Management has placed different Policies and Procedures into practice. Among these are:

  • Human Resources Services Policy and Procedure Manual (HRSPM)
  • Financial Services Policy and Procedure Manual (FSPM)
  • Attest Plan
  • Materials Management Services Policy and Procedure manual (MMSPM)
  • Organizational Structure Manual (OSM)
  • Collective Agreement
  • Protection Services Policy and Procedure Manual (PSPM)
  • Educational Policy

The above policies are part of our company’s efforts to maintain high standards in all our dealings both internal and external.


Red Sea General Company PVC is established to accomplish the following business purposes:

  • To engage in the trade and distribution of all types of merchandize related to building industries, construction materials, home appliances and the like.
  • To engage in the import and export of all merchandize stated above.
  • To represent foreign and domestic companies as trade representatives or agents.
  • To engage in retailing and wholesale, and thereby serving as an outlet to various manufacturers.
  • To engage in providing professional after-sales services related to the products provided by the Company.
  • To engage in other activities directly or indirectly related with the communal objective of the Company.
  • To jointly work or invest in other companies engaged with similar activities.

And also the main objective and future plan of Red Sea General Company PVC is to manufacture of Metal and Engineering products that are mainly applicable for construction. These include:

  • Manufacturing of corrugated and ribbed sheets in different sizes and thicknesses, together with accessories,
  • Manufacturing of wire products including Nails, J-bolts and Binding Wires,
  • Manufacturing of steel structures, pre-engineered steel buildings, van cargo bodies,
  • Wire galvanizing, structural HOT-DIP galvanization
  • Manufacturing other Metal and Engineered products.


Red Sea General Company PVC is the first Company in Punt- land that imports construction materials.

  • Operational products are galvanized corrugated sheets, ribbed steel sheets, wire nails, J-bolts, binding wires, hexagonal wire netting, barbed wire, wood screw, U-nails & shoe tack products, all Woods, steel poles, steel structures (towers, warehouses, factories, etc.), fuel and water tankers, and other custom based engineering products, with a total land holding area of 120 thousand sq. meters.
  • The company currently engaged in selling various construction materials such as Reinforcement Bars, Plywood, Formica, PVC Tiles, Adhesives, Skirting, Ceramic Tiles, Sheet Glass, Home Appliances, Electronic Items, Wooden Doors, PVC and Galvanized Pipes, Ceiling Tiles, etc.
  • In addition the company has also opened a ‘mini shop’ in the same premises providing sales of cleaning materials to better convenience its existing customers and acquire new ones.
  • Red Sea General Company PVC provides structural HOT-DIP galvanization service to customers


Red Sea General Company PVC will proceed in developing and providing additional products to the market, which will make the company a leader in Somalia. Agricultural machinery, prefabricated structures, construction equipment, industrial machinery, Electric power, microwave & mobile network transmission towers are areas to concentrate upon for development.

Aside from being a “One-Stop-Shop” for the average home builder, Red Sea General company PVC plans to participate in various tenders for providing construction materials to contractors and real estate developers in the country.

Red Sea General Company PVC will strengthen its marketing activity, in order to increase its market share in the country. The company has put a roadmap to excel the competition through better product quality and through diversification in the steel sector.