Red Sea General Company PVC is the first Company in Punt- land that imports construction materials.

Operational products are:

  • Galvanized corrugated sheets,
  • Ribbed steel sheets,
  • Wire nails, J-bolts, binding wires, hexagonal wire netting, barbed wire, wood screw, U-nails & shoe tack products,
  • All Woods, steel poles, steel structures (towers, warehouses, factories, etc.),
  • Fuel and water tankers, and other custom based engineering products, with a total land holding area of 120 thousand sq. meters.

Construction materials such as:

  • Reinforcement Bars,
  • Plywood, Formica,
  • PVC Tiles, Adhesives, Skirting, Ceramic Tiles,
  • Sheet Glass,
  • Home Appliances,
  • Electronic Items,
  • Wooden Doors,
  • PVC and Galvanized Pipes, Ceiling Tiles, etc.
  • In addition the company has also opened a ‘mini shop’ in the same premises providing sales of:
  • Cleaning materials to better convenience its existing customers and acquire new ones.
  • Red Sea General Company PVC provides structural HOT-DIP galvanization service to customers
  • Our company also has embarked new products such as interior decoration materials for sale in all our stores
  • Kitchen design, fitting and fixtures

The list of products our company provides are not exhaustive and there are many lines of products in our Red Sea stores across the land.